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    JeTech, Inc. is an established operation located in the Atlanta metro area, GA. As a continuation to our promise for new products we have launched our own brand of ink – JeTechInk™. is a new, more relaxing shop-ink environment for those who are looking for High Performance, High Quality replacement ink cartridges. Less hustle when converting, plug and play, easy mix and match and it is proudly made here in the US. We know you are going to like it since we make ink with “passion”.
  • Are your chips and RFIDs working well?
    Absolutely! in fact, each chip is being tested before and after insertion into the cartridge. We have absolutely the best, most stable chip technology and algorithms in the market. If you experience failure, it is normally due to contact with the prongs in your printer. Take the cartridge out and gently with a pencil eraser clean the contacts. Re-insert the cartridge or individual “key” / ”Card” back. This procedure cures most of the contact problems.
  • How long JeTechInk™ inks have been out there?
    JeTechInk™ is a fairly new brand, however, the inks were sold and used by hundreds, even thousands of customers with immense success. They are proven and do work. This is not a new beginning for the ink only the brand.
  • What is the correct way to convert to JeTechInk™ ink cartridges?
    Excellent question! Our inks designed to be 100% compatible with the OEM inks. Same color, similar/compatible chemistry which will allow for our Plug and Play, Mix and Match, hustle free conversion. However, there are other variables: Print head condition prior to conversion – in case your print head status is not good and regular cleaning procedures are not working, regardless of the current ink in your system you will need to use our recommended flushing procedure, using our dedicated cleaning solution for your ink, printer and print head. Depending on many factors this may succeed or fail. If it is helping empty the cleaning solution and introduce our ink. In a severe case of head damage, a replacement is highly recommended so you can fully enjoy our ink. Using a different brand of ink – Our formulation cannot be compatible with all other formulations out there. We cannot guarantee plug and play or mix & match operation with any other ink aside from the OEM. You can still use our ink if you follow this procedure: Flush the current ink with your current ink manufacturer cleaning solution cartridge. This will clear the old ink from the lines and print head. Flush the old flush/ink using JeTechInk™ adequate cleaning solution for your ink type, cartridge, printer and print head. This will recondition the ink train and make it ready for our ink. Push all the cleaning solution out, plug in JeTechInk™ cartridge and make sure it properly filling up the ink train. Check your head test to verify all nozzles are there. Repeat purging until your head status shows good status. Use your original OEM ink profiles that came with your printer.
  • Can you really Mix & Match ink cartridges?
    Yes! Absolutely! As long as you running the original manufacturer inks, it will work great. Hustle free Here are pictures of a Mimaki running our SS21 mild solvent cartridges and you can see how slowly they are adding our cartridges. next... Notice the Cyan OEM cartridge... Cyan is now our JeTechInk™ Brand ink and we are left with only Black OEM cartridge!
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